Basics: Avocados

It's happened to all of us...the craving for an avocado hits. It's totally uncontrollable. You dream of the creamy fruit smashed over whole grain toast, and biting into the creamy goodness. The bread is in the toaster, you cut into the avocado only to find it is totally brown. You burst into tears in the kitchen not knowing how you're going to get on with the rest of your day...or life. 

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Basics: Travel Snacking

I hope you all are having a great week! I am currently in Banff celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. After that, I'll be back in Michigan spending some time with my in-laws at their cottage and then celebrating a friend's wedding! Since I'm away from my kitchen for a couple weeks, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about healthy travel-snacking.

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Basics: Breakfast

I'm so excited for the first Basics series here on Delicious Balance! 

I frequently get asked questions by friends, family, patients, and readers, about what to buy, what to look for in a food, what to make, and how to prepare certain foods. While my blog features tasty plant-based recipes, I have quickly come to realize that there is little education around the ingredients being used, how to shop for them, how to prepare them, what to have on hand for meals/snacks, what to eat at breakfast, etc.

That's where "Basics" comes in. Maybe

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