Basics: Travel Snacking

I hope you all are having a great week! I am currently in Banff celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. After that, I'll be back in Michigan spending some time with my in-laws at their cottage and then celebrating a friend's wedding! Since I'm away from my kitchen for a couple weeks, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about healthy travel-snacking.

Anyone that has been on a trip with me that consists of at least a one hour journey to the destination knows that I take my travel snacking very seriously. It's a separate category of packing that I created. You have your toiletries, undergarments, clothes, shoes, etc. And then there is the "snacks" category. It's not a joke. 

There are a few reasons I like to put effort into my travel snacking. The main reason is because I like to know that I have healthy options to choose from. I love to enjoy the food of the area that I am going to, but I don't want to waste my money on a below-average meal or snack that is lacking in nutrition and will likely leave me feeling tired and lethargic. I have no problem with splurging on an entire French baguette at breakfast when in France, but I don't want to resort to a cheap, dry, pre-packaged pastry from a hotel lobby. Do you get what I'm saying? 

Another reason for my obsessive snack packing is because food is expensive when you're traveling. Again, I'm not talking about the five course chef's table menu we've been known to splurge on, I'm talking about the $60 we spent a few weeks ago on healthy food options at an airport during a day of travel. 

I know that it's not always realistic to pack snacks for an entire trip, but I'll lay out my strategy. 

- Pack for every craving: salty, sweet, refreshing, healthy, indulgent. 

- Plan how quickly things need to be eaten. Pack things that need to be eaten right away (i.e. berries, container or leftovers, cut up veggies, etc.) and things that are more "carry-on stable" (i.e. oranges, Larabars, nuts, etc.) that you can have a couple days into your trip. 

- Pack at least enough for the journey to your destination. During a long trip, you're bound to run out of room to pack snacks but I like to at least know that I will start my trip off fueling my body with good nutrition and have healthy options along the way. 

- Throughout a trip, I'm always on the lookout for healthy options to re-stash with. Thinking out side the box is's ok to stop at a grocery store instead of the drive through when you're on a road trip ;)

So, here's what I packed for my trip:

1. Peanut butter sandwich 

2. Apples

3. Grapes

4. Cut up carrots

5. Small baggie of chips

6. Baggie of walnuts and dried apricots

7. Chocolate granola

8. Larabars

Some other great travel snacking ideas are granola, clementines, individual bags of popcorn, and muffins

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