What I've Been Up To: packing, moving, and hotel living

Hi Friends!

Did you think I forgot about you? I could never. 

I just haven't had much time or inspiration to get my groove on in the kitchen. My husband recently accepted a job in Virginia. As it goes with coaching, it has been a quick move. We are currently living in a hotel which equals hotel breakfasts (hello quick cooking oats and peanut butter packets), lots of HGTV, exploring new farmers' markets and juice bars, and getting to know our new hometown! 

Here's the rundown on what our last couple weeks have looked like: 

1. Packing our whole life into little cardboard boxes...the essentials I left out: my Vitamix, coffee pot, and cast iron skillet. Those guys will get packed up just before the movers come. 

2. Lots of good-bye dinners with friends...more eating out and weeknight wine drinking than I'm used to but oh.so.worth.it. 

3. Wrapping up things at my job and making the trek down to Lynchburg, Virginia with the hubs.

4. Currently living in a hotel in Lynchburg while we look for a place to live. Since days in a hotel can be long, I have been sleeping in later than I usually do and lounging more in the morning before getting my day started. Wake up, drink coffee, eat oatmeal packets, work out, get out and explore. I stocked the room with fruit, water, and green juice to feel somewhat normal! Oh, and we may or may not have shared an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's non-dairy peanut butter and cookie ice cream the other night (#whoops #desperatetimescallfordesperatemeasures #moderation #itwasworthit). 

5. I will be heading back to Michigan to meet the movers and wrap things up in Kalamazoo before driving down to Viriginia for good. 

The combination of our life being packed up, living out of a hotel, and getting situated in a new city has left me with very little time to do anything in the kitchen. The (semi) good news about this is that I don't currently have a job, so once we are moved in and settled, I will have more time than I know what to do with to share some deliciousness with you. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I take a mini hiatus. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to keep updated on our moving adventures!