Farmers' Market Staples - Casual Veggie Meet n' Greet

If you're stopping by for the Casual Veggie meet n' greet, welcome! I'm Rachel and Delicious Balance is my food blog where I share my favorite experiments in the kitchen with you. I am a registered dietitian, a yogi, and a want-to-be chef. Oh, and I LOVE veggies! I am so excited to be collaborating with over 45 other talented food bloggers to create the Casual Veggie Cookbook where veggies are the star of the show. The cookbook will have 166 recipes featuring 29 different vegetables. It comes out on October 19th...get excited!

If you would have asked my parents if they expected me to be a veggie-loving dietitian when I was younger, they would have laughed out loud. Did you see the story I shared about my mom trying to hide peas in my spaghetti? I'm sure this was only one of the many challenges I gave her when she was feeding me. 

I went from individually picking each pea out of my mouth when I was two, to feeling like a kid on Christmas morning on the day of the farmers' market. I get giddy during the farmers' market season here in Kalamazoo. Here are my weekly market staples that I think everyone should keep in their kitchen, depending on the season. 

1. Mixed greens: you guys, if you haven't had good local greens, you are missing out. I struggle to eat salads in the winter when I can't get greens from my go-to stand at the farmers' market. Once you taste good, fresh greens, you just can't go back. 

2. Potatoes: All varieties of potatoes are great to keep on hand for a quick side. They are pretty shelf stable so you can save them for a meal later in the week. You can mash 'em, roast 'em, bake 'em, or boil 'em. 

3. Squash: Similar to potatoes, they are shelf stable. I get a bit excited when squash starts appearing at the market. It's not uncommon for me to have a large quantity of multiple varieties on hand during the fall. Lately, I have been obsessed with stuffing squash with all sorts of yummy fillings. 

4. Tomatoes: I am funny about tomatoes. They really have to be perfect in order for me to eat them. There is nothing worse that taking a bite of a bad tomato, it totally ruins my whole meal (anyone with me?!). But when you bite into a perfect tomato, well that's a whole other story! I gained a whole new appreciation for tomatoes this year when I got to visit a local farm and help pick their Sungold really haven't tasted anything like a freshly picked tomato. I love adding them to salads or roasting them with some fresh basil to have over pasta. 

5. Zucchini: Did someone say zoodles?! They are all the rage right now and for good reason. I also love to stuff zucchini, grate it, bake it, and steam it. 

Thanks for stopping by Delicious Balance and checking out my farmers' market staples! I hope you enjoy the Casual Veggie Cookbook

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