Chocolate Recipe Round Up

I think it's important that we approach this upcoming Day of Chocolate, known as Valentine's Day, with strategy. How many days out of the year is it perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate at any time of the day without a funny look from others? I have found some recipes that you should include in your upcoming Day of Chocolate. Some are healthy, some are indulgent, all of them are delicious and should be enjoyed in moderation. 

I would start your day with my Chocolate Granola with Strawberries or this secretly healthy Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie from Whole Living Lauren.  This is a creamy, delicious smoothie that satisfies the craving for something indulgent and is made with whole food ingredients. Both will fill you up without weighing you down and are the perfect way to fuel for the day. 

As you go about your day, you should take a break mid-morning to enjoy a small slice of Chocolate Chip Marble Bundt Cake from Shauna Sever with a hot cup of coffee. It's important to savor the delicious things in life. This cake is SO good. It is moist and chocolately, but not too chocolately. It's just the right amount of chocolately. If you're not in the mood to make the cake, you should at least open up Shauna's blog and read her posts. They are hilarious! When I've had a rough day, I find myself reading her posts (and usually baking one of her recipes!). 

After you enjoy a veggie-packed lunch, treat yourself to dessert with my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or Chocolate Cake Balls from Oh She GlowsI don't even know where to begin with these cake balls. They are little nuggets of heaven. These cake balls are a chocolate lovers paradise. They satisfy everything a chocolate lover could want in a dessert. They are rich, chocolatey, creamy, and just.plain.amazing. 

When it's time for dessert after dinner, you have two options. You could go with this  Salted Caramel Date Pie from Vegan Richa or Beatty's Chocolate Cake from Barefoot Contessa

Let's talk about the pie for a minute. I am truly amazed by this pie every time I make it. Want to know that main ingredient? Dates! This is an indulgent treat you can feel good about eating. I actually have a pie all made up in the freezer calling my name...very loudly!

And the cake! Oh, the cake! It screams rich. It screams chocolate. It screams heaven. If you are in the mood for a truly indulgent treat, you should drop everything you are doing and make this. 

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of love, hugs, and CHOCOLATE!